Teaching Methods

Teaching methods are more facilitative and experiential. Students are given chance to explore the concepts by constructing their own knowledge. Active learning strategies are adapted in every class room to enhance the teaching - learning process. Activity based learning, project based learning, paired learning, collaborative learning, team learning and differential learning are the various practices happening in the class room.

Instruction process is age appropriate and academic delivery is depending on acceptance and multiple intelligent factors. Whole brain development is the focus of learning process. Teachers are being trained to deal with these methods in an effective way for the improvement of academic process. To support our teaching pedagogy, virtual class rooms, group discussions, panel discussions and expert lectures are arranged time to time. Student's comfort level is being taken care at every moment. Well accomplished informative communication suite comprising of 30 advanced computer systems with LAN cum net connection is giving wide global experience to our wards.

Lot of field trips are arranged for the direct instructional process. Residential field trip is also planned to empower the children with the good social practice.

We believe in the empowerment of the children and modification of their behavior as the outcome of schooling process. Well qualified teachers are given upto date training exposures to make their delivery better. Teachers are showering their love and affection to facilitate their learning process to streamline all the learners.

Our school is following secular principle by which all the religious practices are carried out here only to inculcate moral values and to discipline them.