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I always strongly believe in Napolean Hill’s quote: “Going the extra mile turns the spotlight on you and keeps it there.” When I met the great educational psychologists like David Perkins and Howard Gardner at Harvard University in USA, they admired a common thing amongst us and that is our infinite potentiality. No doubt, as Swami Vivekananda’s words are – “Our students have indomitable energy.” I understand, if they are groomed systematically they will rule the world. But how ? As long as we focus on the traditional system of teaching and learning process, the global competitiveness of our children may be sceptical. Now, the concern is, ‘How many of our students are getting ranks in the International Competitive Index ?’ Why we couldn’t shine outside the country? Is it the mistake of the process or with the attitude? I feel, unless we adapt the globally proven learning techniques, we may be cornered in this fast moving world. Right education is the only savior and the only tool which may help us to get a notable place in the global map.

Nalanda and Taxila will tell us the glorious past of our India education. Adapting the contemporary methods to streamline our process in perfect blend is the only way to help our changing children to enjoy their schooling. Because, our children are very much influenced and diverted by various means. Focusing them towards their target is a challenging task for our teachers. So change of the instructional process like hands on activities, projects and soft skills will increase the learners involvement and their responsibility in their studies.

The present day education is much beyond than teaching Rs-2/- like reading and writing. The complete education is the one which assess and guide the child in all components of life and to develop as a better human being by developing inclusiveness in all aspects and inculcating the values of tolerance, humility and integrity. Our wish is to produce a socially and globally compatible warrior like citizens with great confidence and competence. Our KRM Public School has its motto as Carpediem – “Seize the future” to facilitate our children towards “Global Ethos with Indian Ethics”.

I appreciate the students and staff for their achievements in the last three years. I appreciate our ever co-operative parents of our school, as they know what is required for their children.

Chief Executive Officer