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  • Extra Curricular
  • Sports

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are used as extended learning for all round development of an individual. This has been designed in our school as life skill packages at two levels (with payment as well as without payment).

Fundamental Legal Education, Classical Dance, Yoga, Fine Arts, Robotics and Aero Modeling, Photography, Art of poetry writing, Soft Skills and Personality Development are given as a part of curriculum or as special workshop.

Lot of club activities are being initiated - Literary club is to develop LSRW skills, Science club is to provoke reasoning temper, Mathematical club is to develop logical ability, Social Science club is to familiarize community practices and Gavel’s Club is to promote public speaking and leadership. .

We involve ourselves into lot of charity activities like helping the needy with used clothes and books visiting the orphanages and teach them as well as providing monetary benefits and adapting villages to familiarize growing practices.

We organize rallies and public gatherings to spread awareness in diverse subjects.

To inculcate patriotic values, discipline and comradeship our school in association with 1 TN Armed Squadron National Cadet Corps (NCC) children are provided regular training. To promote universal brotherhood, adventureship and global exposure, our school is enrolled with Tamilnadu Bharat Scouts and Guides, International Youth Award programme of Duke of Edinburgh, International School Award (UK), BRITISH COUNCIL (Trinity College of London) ESOL Examination, University of CAMBRIDGE (ESOL) and so on.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are life skill packages being offered on payment to cater the growing needs of the children and the demands of the parents by the eminent experts in the respective fields.

These life skill trainings are given after the regular school hours on payment (From 3.45pm to 4.45pm).

Life Skills package First Level for primary

  • Self Defence
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Gymnastics
  • Roller Skating
  • Origami
  • Western Dance
  • Vocal-Carnatic
  • Light Music

Life Skills package Second Level

  • Basic Electronics, Embroidery, Soft Skills and Classical Dance
  • Western Dance, Light Music and Self Defence
  • Instrumental (Keyboard, Mirudangam, Flute etc.,)
  • Theatrics, Light Music, Painting, Boxing and Gymnastics

Adventure Training & Trekking

Our children are given chance for taking part in various adventure training activities like rappelling, traversing and trekking which helps them to improve their life skills and boost their confidence level.


Physical development and psychomotor coordination, enhancement of agility, endurance and skill development are the important focus in our physical education programme. Experts in different sports are giving organized training using the state of art facility.